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Air France

June 8, 2009

Three more bodies were found in the sea close to where Air France is believed to have crashed. That brings the count up to 5 altogether out of the 228 passengers.


Michelle Obama Talks Access to Higher Ed @ Merced

May 17, 2009

While UCLA will have to suffer through nonsense at our graduation, Michelle Obama spoke to the class of ’09 at UC Merced. She used progressive phrases that we love such as: Activism, community building, 1st generation college students, ACCESS, offices of community service, people of color who have built this great state (in so many words). Enjoy!

Special Election Analysis: Prop 1D and 1E

May 10, 2009

UCLA Grad Student, Azadeh Ghafari has critical observations regarding Prop 1D and 1E to appear on the Special Elections ballot on May 19. Check out What she has to say:

Proposition 1D will take $1.6 billion away from critical local health and education programs for young children and give it to Sacramento politicians.

Children and families in your community need your help to defeat Proposition 1D on May 19th. Proposition 1D will raid more than $1.6 billion in funding from local programs serving children and families throughout the state. Proposition 1D diverts money from First 5 county commissions to the state General Fund – defunding hundreds of proven community-based programs for children and families in every county.

Proposition 1E

Proposition 1E cuts mental health care programs demanded by the voters through Proposition 63 (November 2004) by almost a half billion dollars. Cutting mental health care means increasing state costs.

The nonpartisan Legislative Analyst warns of higher state and local government costs for “homeless shelters, social services programs, medical care, law enforcement, and county jail and state prison operations.” These are the costs of untreated mental illness.

Prop 1E is not essential to the “package” of initiatives on the May 19 special election ballot. It provides less than a quarter of a percent (0.25%) of the state budget. But it devastates mental health care and opens the door to the complete elimination of Prop. 63 programs. In fact, Prop 1E began as a proposal to do exactly that.Both Props. 1D & 1E take money out of specific programs required by the voters and put it in the state general fund, where the Legislature and the Governor can spend it with no accountability.

That’s bad, but what’s worse is that both measures are like wolves in sheep’s clothing. The Legislature wrote Props. 1D & 1E to make them sound like they protect and expand services, even though they really cut programs. (To see videos of ordinary voters reacting to this misleading ballot language, click here.)

Even in this difficult time, neither Prop. 1D nor 1E is necessary to balance the state budget. Together they would provide just one-half of one percent of state spending. But both Props. 1D & 1E would slash services for some of the most vulnerable people in our communities.

Now is no time to try to balance the budget in ways that harm children and the mentally ill. That’s why people and groups from many different backgrounds have banded together to form one campaign united to defeat Props. 1D & 1E.

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May 5, 2009

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